Synergy SB Capture Concentrate


Comes in cases of 3 x 64oz or 4 x 1 gallon bottles.

This product packaging should create up to 384 GALLONS of carpet extraction or bonnet cleaning solution at about $0.18/gallon or less than $0.0015/square foot.

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Synergy SB Solutions are designed to be a Simply Better line for Small Businesses in Squeeze Bottles. Synergy Capture is a highly concentrated, mildly acidic cleaner and deodorizer for use in any space - and on both hard and soft surfaces. Also creates a phenomenal microfiber cleaner with just 1/2-1oz per quart of water, and a carpet & upholstery cleaner with 1oz per gallon.

OdorMD SB Solutions are designed to be a Simply Better line for Small Businesses in Squeeze Bottles.

OdorMD SB Capture delivers tremendous volume in a portable, convenient, and accurate dilution system. Each case of concentrate will produce up to 192 gallons of carpet extraction cleaner for under $0.40/gallon. 

Squeeze the bottle to measure up to 1oz of concentrate for creating a mildly acidic clean-rinsing agent that enhances the performance of microfiber and rinses carpets and upholstery free of traffic-lane pretreat. This product may be used on both HARD and SOFT Surfaces - from glass to carpets and out-performing all other products in its class!

  • Use 1oz per gallon of water when preparing a solution for mopping hard floors or extracting carpets
  • Use 1oz per quart of water when preparing a solution for quick spray & wipe cleaning [we recommend microfiber]
  • Use 1/2oz per quart to create a great solution for light-duty cleaning, like glass and stainless steel

The safety, portability, and accuracy of our bottles make this perfect for auto detailers, contract cleaners, property management companies and contractors.