Mold 4 Gold


Introducing the ULTIMATE in Mold Stain Removal value. A product that is so concentrated that a single case will yield up to 12 gallons, and cover up to 6000 sf of treatable surface. This liquid may not quite as economical as our Break The Mold version, but the results are instantaneous – saving you time! Effective mold stain removal products are priced as $35 to $55 plus shipping. How about a super good mold removal product that is priced at less than $20 per gallon? This is a professional use product that works to remove mold stains in just minutes. Use a pump sprayer and proper PPE is required.

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OdorMD is proud to introduce GOLD4 MOLD as a new and integral part of our Mold Remediation & Odor Control line-up of products. While the CD Plus EnviroTabs do the best at destroying the fungi at their roots, and Break the Mold will always is perfectly suitable for the light surface mold that generally affects attic spaces, the deep stains which develop in areas like crawl spaces – where years of standing water and poor ventilation has badly embedded the stains associated with mold into floor joists and sub-flooring, can only be eliminated by a Sodium Hypochlorite product. Being a concentrated bleach, this product should be used one gallon to a time, and not stored as partial gallons, where air-space in the bottle will provide greater opportunity for solution degradation. GOLD4 MOLD Liquid Mold Stain Remover is a concentrate and may be mixed as follows: For light stain removal, dilute 1 gallon of GOLD4 MOLD to 2 gallons of water For heavy stain removal, dilute 1 gallon of GOLD4 MOLD to 1 gallon of water DO NOT EVER USE THIS PRODUCT STRAIGHT FROM THE BOTTLE For reduced odor, and deep surface penetration, add 1oz of Synergy Soil Break per gallon of prepared solution.

Surface Preparation:

  1. All surfaces should be vacuumed (HEPA) free of all visible surface mold fruit.
  2. If being applied in an attic space, insulation or floor decking should be protected with plastic sheeting.
  3. Protect critical metal components that may corrode when in contact with salt.
  4. A means of fresh air intake and powered exhaust should be set up to evacuate fumes from product.

Product Preparation

  1. PPE as shown on this label should be use whenever handling or applying this product.
  2. Into a clean 2-3 gallon pump or battery sprayer add 1-2 gallons of lukewarm clean water. See chart on label.
  3. Not less than 1 gallon should be added to the 2-3 gallon pump or battery sprayer. Product is to be applied as a liquid, not atomized through a power fogger or sprayer.
  4. For increased vertical surface cling and substrate penetration, add 1oz of OdorMD Soil Break.