OdorMD SB Consume Concentrate


This case packaging will create up to 96 Quarts of RTU Carpet Spotter, or multi-surface deodorizer for about $0.73 per quart.

Perfect for auto detailers, contract cleaners, property management companies, and more!

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OdorMD SB Solutions are designed to be a Simply Better line for Small Businesses in Squeeze Bottles.

Each case of Consume will yield up to 96 RTU Quarts of Carpet Spot & Pre-Treat. 

OdorMD SB Consume delivers tremendous volume in a portable, convenient, and accurate dilution system.

Squeeze the bottle to measure up to 1oz of concentrate for creating a bio-enzymatic cleaning product that cleans deep, dries fast, and eliminates the organic materials that feed bacteria and cause odors. This product may be used as a cleaner (with microfiber) or a spray & go deodorizer.

  • Use 1oz per gallon of water when preparing a solution for mopping and deodorizing both porous and non-porous floors
  • Use 1oz per quart of water when preparing a solution for quick spray & wipe cleaning [we recommend microfiber]
  • Use 2oz per quart to create a great solution for all aspects of spot deodorizing - no need to rinse or wipe

The safety, portability, and accuracy of our bottles make this perfect for auto detailers, contract cleaners, property management companies and contractors.

Each case of Consume comes with (1) Synergy Portable Dispenser unit. 

Synergy SB Solutions are designed to be a Simply Better line for Small Businesses in Squeeze Bottles. Synergy Consume is a highly concentrated, surfactant-free cleaner and deodorizer for use in any space - but especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Also creates a phenomenal microfiber cleaner with just 1oz per quart of water and a powerful deodorizer with 2oz per quart. Comes in cases of 3 x 64oz or 4 x 1-gallon bottles.