Add-A-Truck Package

Original price was: $3,487.00.Current price is: $2,997.00.

Ready To Add An Additional Service Vehicle Or Equip A 2-Tech Team?

You’ll have the equipment, marketing assets, and enough cleaning products to equip an additional service vehicle.  Just add a vacuum and a 2 gal pump sprayer (purchase locally) and you’ll have everything you’ll need to expand your business! In addition to the items listed above, you'll also receive:

  • The CleanMaster™ Getting Started Manual
  • Personal Coaching
  • CleanMaster Pro™ Certification
  • Ongoing Support
  • Exclusive discounts on future purchases
  • No Royalty or Franchise Fees, ever

Add a Truck Package

You’ll receive all of the following with the purchase of the Add-A-Truck Package:

  • 1-CleanMaster Systems Pro15 CRB
  • 1 – Set CRB Brushes
  • 1- CRB Accessory Bags
  • 1 – 50ft CRB Power Cords
  • 1 case (4-1 gal) CleanMaster Systems™ Encap Plus
  • 1 case (12 qts) – CMS ProSpotter Formula 1 (General Spotter)
  • 1 case (12 qts) – CMS ProSpotter Formula 2 (Beverage Spotter)
  • 1 case (12 qts) – CMS ProSpotter Formula 3 (Enzyme Spotter)
  • 4 – 15lb Pails of DRY FX (Dry Organic Cleaning Compound)