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    Dry Fx - Organic Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning Compound
    An premium organic compound made from cellulose microsponges embedded with citrus based cleaning agents.  Meets the EPA/DfE standards and provides cleaners with the ability to deep clean carpets that are dry and ready to use within minutes.
    15 lb. pail (with internal resealable plastic liner to retain moisture)
  • business cards for carpet cleaners business cards for carpet cleaners

    Business Cards

    Custom Business Cards
    • 16 pt card stock
    • 2 sided
    • UV finish - both sides
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  • Pro Spotter Formula 1 

    Professional Strength General Spotter

    CleanMaster Systems™ Pro Spotter Formula 1 is a powerful general purpose spotter that efficiently removes 90-95% of the spots and stains you’ll encounter as a professional carpet cleaner. It’s our most popular all-purpose carpet spotter because it works—FAST! Safe and effective for stain-resistant carpet. Pre-mixed and ready to use.
    • All-purpose general spotter
    • Removes oil- and water-based spots
    • pH: 8.8
    • Safe for stain-resistant carpet
    • Ready to use
  • Pro Spotter Formula 2 

    Professional Strength Beverage Spotter

    CleanMaster Systems™ Pro Spotter Formula 2 is a ready-to-use professional strength beverage spotter.  Excellent for removal of beverage stains causes by sodas, sports drinks, juices, wine and alcoholic beverages.  Formula 2 Beverage Spotter also helps destroy odors and is safe for most carpets and upholstery fabrics.
    • Professional strength peroxide based beverage spotter
    • Removes most beverage related spots and stains
    • pH: 7.0
    • Safe for stain-resistant carpets and most fabrics
    • Ready to use
  • Pro Spotter Formula 3 

    Professional Strength Enzyme Spotter

    For eliminating both stains and odors caused by urine, feces, vomit and proteins.
    • Professional strength enzyme spotter
    • Removes most urine and protein based stains and related odors
    • pH: 7.0
    • Safe for stain-resistant carpets and most fabrics
    • Ready to use
  • CleanMaster Systems™ ENCAP PLUS (1 case = 4 gal)

    The latest in carpet care!  ENCAP PLUS has allergen reducing capabilities and is safe to use on wool and stain resistant carpets.

    CleanMaster Systems™ ENCAP PLUS utilizes a special encapsulating polymer plus the cleaning power of hydrogen peroxide to lift tough stains and soiling, leaving carpet looking and feeling fresh and clean. It reduces re-soiling of carpet, fights allergens, reduces pattern wear, and leaves behind a fresh floral scent.

    Ideal for use on:

    • Stain-Resistant Carpet
    • Commercial Carpet
    • Area rugs
    • High Traffic Areas
    • Residential & Commercial Carpet

    Suitable for all methods of carpet cleaning:

    • Low Moisture CRB Cleaning
    • Bonnet Cleaning
    • Hot Water Extraction
  • Promotional Gift Cards

    Custom Marketing Cards
    • 17 pt card stock
    • 2 sided
    • UV finish - both sides
  • Custom Business Cards
    • Color - front copy / Black over Yellow - back copy
    • 2-part NCR (carbonless)
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    BL25E Effortless Hand-Held Sprayer

    The BL25E Battery Hand-Held Sprayer makes pre-spraying consistent and practically effortless. Because the sprayer is only weighted at 6.3lbs (including battery) with a constant output of 30 PSI, it allows users to be always working in an “effortless” mode. While his brother – FH25E Sprayer is mainly designed for farm and gardening jobs, the BL25E can withstand stronger chemicals such as bleach and sanitizing solutions. The tank features an extra wide QuickFill 6.25” mouth opening for spill-free filling, which not only fills faster but also safer. A stainless-steel wand and an additional filter at the spray gun handle highlights the BL25E at a higher level among the Sprayer Plus family.
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    Bravo Carpet Spotter and Upholstery Cleaner

    Spotter Available with Heat

    Amazing 106″ water lift in a 3 gallon package! No set up time – simply unload and begin carpet or upholstery cleaning immediately. Compact size and maneuverability make the Bravo™ ideal for spotting and quick cleaning of small carpeted areas, upholstery, auto and RV interiors. Operators will appreciate the specially designed molded-in holders that carry spray bottles, leaving the hands free. Warranty : 5 years on parts & labor, lifetime on rotationally-molded housing. MADE IN THE USA!
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    FLOW-ZONE STORM 2.5 GAL ELECTRIC BACK SPRAYER The Flowzone Storm Electric Backpack sprayer is a 2.5 gallon sized suction battery sprayer. Its small size allows it to easily be used for applying pre-sprays, protectants, disinfectants and chemicals.  You still get excellent pressure and 25+' of spray range.


    To use the flowzone storm backpack sprayer you just need to charge the battery, connect it to the sprayer and then fill with desired chemical and water. Flip the power switch and then spray away. There are two power settings on the sprayer and we recommend using the lower setting so as not to over apply chemical.
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    Standard Blue Brushes for the CleanMaster Pro15 CRB - Set of 2

    • Standard blue brush
    • Fits the CleanMaster Pro15 Counter-Rotating Brush Machine
    • Ideal for use on most carpeting and synthetic area rugs
    • Wear indicator
    • Order by the set - 1 set = 2 brushes