Our CRB machines come with one pair (2) of standard blue brushes, 2 recovery trays, 2 dust covers and 1 complete transport trolley*

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TM4-C CRB Cleaning Machine is the most sustainable, Versatile, and affordable machine available. Equipped with a durable stainless steel/aluminum body that supports up to 7 cleaning methods including Encapsulation Cleaning, Hard Floor Cleaning, Pile Lifting, Agitation for HWE, Compound cleaning, and more


All our CRB cleaning machines are easy “tandem” capable! This will double your cleaning width; easily double the space to be cleaned and cut time in half on carpet and hard surface cleaning jobs. It is a perfect option and solution for commercial applications and large cleaning areas.


Low Moisture/Dry Carpet and Hard Floor CRB Cleaning Machine

Suitable for

Home, small offices, shops, Facilities with obstructed area

Technical Data

Weigth: 55.89lb
Heigth: 42.52 in
Width: 15 in
Motor: 750 W – 110V/ 220V
Brush Rotation: 380 rpm
Horse Power: 1HP
Cleaning capacity: Up to 7,500 Sq. Ft./hr.