Synergy RTU REMOVE-IT Heavy Soil PreTreat – 32oz/Bottle


Synergy REMOVE-IT is or Ready-To-Use product for softening gum (ahead of removing with a drill-brush), adhesive (ahead of scraping with a razor blade) or pre-treating of oil or grease spots on carpets, upholstery or clothing.

Comes in cases of 12 quart bottles.

Perfect for auto detailers, contract cleaners, property management companies and more!

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Synergy RTU Products offer the carpet cleaning professional an "after-service" sale or give-away for any customer with need to quickly remove labels, gum or oil/grease stains from their carpets, upholstery or clothing.

Synergy REMOVE-IT is a powerful solvent made from the peels of oranges in a ready-to-use format.

For quick spotting or clean-up of oil and grease stains on carpets, clothing or upholstery, simply spray on, work in with a brush (optional) and launder, extract or blot with a warm, damp terry cloth.

For on-the-spot cleaning of waste cans, diaper pails or other odor-spreading surfaces, simply spray and wipe off with a cloth or paper towel.