Dry FX Carpet Cleaning Compound – 15 lb pail

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A premium organic compound made from cellulose microsponges embedded with citrus-based cleaning agents.  Meets the EPA/DfE standards and provides cleaners with the ability to deep clean carpets that are dry and ready to use within minutes.
15 lb. pail (with an internal resealable plastic liner to retain moisture)
Designed for dry extraction carpet cleaning, CleanMaster Systems™ Dry FX is a unique blend of highly absorbent organic cellulose micro sponges embedded with a safe to use cleaning agent that leaves no residue. Environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Its cleaning power is highly effective and safe for all types of carpet fiber. It is Woolsafe and CRI approved.  atwist tie we provide in every box.
  • The Dry FX compound absorbs, lifts and draws soil away from the carpet fiber and into the microsponges which can then be extracted during the recovery process.
  • It's cleaning power is excellent. In areas of light to medium soil DryFx doesn't even require pre-spray.  In more heavily soiled areas you can pre-spray the carpet with Encap Pro prior to cleaning to add additional cleaning power.

After vacuuming thoroughly, simply sprinkle Dry FX onto the carpet. Then brush over the carpet with a counter-rotating brush CRB machine. Make slow multi-directional passes with the CRB machine. After the carpet has been scrubbed, attach the renovator extraction trays, and pass back over the carpet to recover the soiled sponges.

Dry Fx is great for spot cleaning too. It's a quick and simple way to treat spots, such as recurring spill stains and wick-back from other cleaning methods. Areas treated with Dry FX (without pre-spray) will be dry and ready for immediate use.

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1 – 15 lb. pail