DH 420

Duplex Hybrid Hydrowasher with Steam

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Clean virtually any surface with Duplex. The DH 420 can tackle just about any surface, making it versatile for cleaning hard floors, soft floors, and escalators.

For an enhanced cleaning experience, it includes the Hybrid Box (H-Box), allowing for unlimited run time on
110-volt electricity (and the addition of steam cleaning with the steam option).

Unlike other machines that can overwhelm users, ours offers a welcoming experience. With intuitive controls and effortless
operation, it streamlines tasks for users of all skill levels. Discover the gratification of effortless floor cleaning with Duplex.

  • Innovative design featuring 800,000 bristles.
  • Counter-rotating brushes lift dirt, water, and grime from floor surfaces.
  • Can clean right up against baseboards or other obstacles.


Brush Motor500 W
Brush Pressure57 lbs
Brush Speed650 rpm
Cleaning Width14 “
Noise Level64 dB(A)
Recovery Tank1 US gal
Solution Tank2 US gal
Weight60 lbs
Working Capacity4000 sq.ft./hr