Break the Stain – Carpet Pre-Treat, 48oz PAIL


Introducing our *NEW* SynergyPRO line of Power in a Powder!

Synergy Pro Products for Professionals

Just 1oz of BREAK THE STAIN! powder can be mixed into 1 GALLON warm water to create a Ready-To-Use Carpet Stain & Odor Pre-Treat that will perform as well or better than liquid products that cost 7-10 TIMES MORE!


BREAK THE STAIN!™ is our super-efficient powdered stain and odor remover designed exclusively for professional carpet cleaners. This product is powdered for quick mixing on the jobsite with very warm water, added at will to Synergy Soil Break™ and applied with a battery or 110v powered sprayer. You will see the results instantly as it removes the stain and discoloration on all carpets and fabrics - though we recommend testing this in an unseen area of wool carpets. While not a registered bactericide (like Synergy Envirotab™), BREAK THE STAIN!™ does produce a powerful solution containing H2O2 and certainly is effective on allergens and stain and odor-causing bacteria. We also can highly recommend a post-cleaning preventive treatment with Synergy CHITOSHIELD™.