BoosTiO2 – Power Cleaner & Degreaser, 150oz PAIL


Now get the POWER of BoosTiO2 at a Fraction of the Price!
Get one of the most POWERFUL CLEANER-DEGREASERS AVAILABLE for less than $0.60/Gallon.
BoosTiO2 is one of our *NEW* SynergyPRO line of Power in a Powder!
Just 1oz of BOOSTiO2! powder can be mixed into 1 GALLON warm water to create a Ready-To-Use Cleaner & Degreaser that will perform as well or better than liquid products that cost 7-10 TIMES MORE!
Case Pack for this Item is 4 pailsDistributors must purchase in multiples of 4 pails.

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Introducing BOOSTiO2, our super-efficient powdered cleaner and degreaser for the practiced professional cleaner. This product is powdered for quick mixing on the jobsite with very warm water and applied in any number of manners. This product is perfect for supplementing Synergy Soil Break™ or Envirotab™ when deep cleaning badly embedded soils and grease from commercial kitchen floors, concrete floors, restaurant carpets, work vehicle carpets and upholstery, siding, decking and fencing. It will remove soils where all others have failed. It may be applied with a sprayer, mopping solution, or if mixed with Synergy Soil Break™, even foamed onto vertical surfaces.