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  • Green Guard is the first carpet protector to be EPA DfE Approved. Encapsulation chemistry prevents soil from attaching to fibers. At a cost of $44.75 per gallon, Less than 1 Cent per square feet of coverage.


    Green Guard Carpet Protector is a cutting edge encapsulation product that contains anti-stain, anti-resoiling properties that neutralize alkalinity residues and limits wicking to carpets. Green Guard protects against soil clinging to the carpet fibers. This results in your carpet to Stay Cleaner Longer by preventing rapid soiling and staining. Simply spray on carpet to prevent browning or yellowing. Stops wicking permanently! When properly applied carpets stay cleaner longer, reducing fiber abrasion and prolongs the life and beauty of the carpet.
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    Dry Fx - Organic Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning Compound
    An premium organic compound made from cellulose microsponges embedded with citrus based cleaning agents.  Meets the EPA/DfE standards and provides cleaners with the ability to deep clean carpets that are dry and ready to use within minutes.
    15 lb. pail (with internal resealable plastic liner to retain moisture)