Custom Designed Business Cards

business cards for carpet cleaners
Dollar for dollar, a well designed business card is the most useful and effective marketing tool in your arsenal. Nothing beats making the best impression when dealing with your new, prospective and repeat customers. A professionally designed and printed business card speaks volumes about who you are and what you represent.
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Custom Designed Marketing Cards

marketing materials for carpet cleaners
These 4″x9″ premium quality, professionally designed marketing cards make the perfect leave behind piece for every job and for calling on realtors, property managers and commercial job prospects. They are the perfect size for counter displays (think car washes, coffee shops, vacuum repair centers, dry cleaners, realtors offices, etc.).
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Promotional Gift Cards

promotional gift cards for carpet cleaners
Your business will absolutely stand out from the crowd with our custom designed promotional gift cards. There are endless ways to use these cards to generate new and business. You should give 25-50 promotional gift cards to every realtor you speak to so they can pass them out to their clients. And don’t forget to enclose 3 or 4 in each thank you card.
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Custom Door Hangers

custom designed door hangers for carpet cleaners
Consistently distributing door hangers in target neighborhoods as well as the homes around each job you complete is a fantastic way to promote your business! Our franchise quality, custom designed door hangers are glossy and pressed on premium card stock for a professional and polished look that will be sure to impress your target customers.
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Custom Fridge Magnets

fridge magnets for carpet cleaners
A custom printed refrigerator magnet is an essential and effective marketing tool. They are a great value and very effective because very few people ever throw them away. Your magnet on your customer’s fridge will keep your name and promotional message prominently displayed in front of your clients for a long, long time.
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Fold-Over Thank You Cards

custom printed fold-over thank you cards for carpet cleaners
Make every customer feel valued and appreciated with a custom printed fold-over custom printed thank you card with your hand written note on the inside.  Promptly sending a thank you card makes customers more likely to remember you, recommend your service and use your service again in the future. For an extra touch, enclose 3 or 4 gift cards!
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2-Part NCR Receipt/Estimate Forms

pre-printed forms for carpet cleaners
Having custom printed 2-part (carbonless) invoice/estimate forms is essential for your business.  You’ll use these on every job.  A written form is truly the easiest way to create a work order as you walk through the home or job site and it gives you and your customer a written copy of the work done, job notes, disclaimers and pricing.
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6.5″ x 12″ Jumbo EDDM Cards

custom every door direct mail eddm cards for carpet cleaners
Every Door Direct Mail is the new secret weapon for marketing your carpet cleaning business! Our EDDM Mailers are super-sized (6.5″ x 12″), and impossible to miss, and postage per card is only 17¢.  Our jumbo size EDDM Cards provide all the space you need for detailed messaging, an offer that can’t be missed and compelling images.
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Deluxe 4″ x 9″ 3-Fold Brochures

3-Fold brochure - commercial carpet cleaning
Every service business can use a professional quality tri-fold brochure. They work great as a direct mail piece, for use in display stands or as a leave-behind on sales calls. These are premium quality brochures printed on UV coated 100 lb stock. Exactly what’s needed to make a great first impression. If you’re calling on commercial accounts, these are a must.
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