CleanMaster Pro15 CRB Tandem

Type : Low Moisture/Dry Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaning Machine

Suitable For : Large commercial areas and open areas that require heavy duty use, fast encapsulation carpet cleaning and agitation

Clean a wider open areas twice as fast by joining two 15-inch TM4s. With half the time required for cleaning compared to a stand-alone unit, Pro15 tandem will double your productivity and increase bottom line.

Weight 55.89 lb (each machine)
Height 42.52 in.
Motor 1 hp
Power 750 Watts 110/220 volt
Rotation 380 rpm


  • 1 set Renovators (Extractors) – front and Back
  • 1 set brush splash guards – front and back
  • 1 set of standard (medium) 20″ Grey Brushes
  • 1 – Transport Trolly
  • 1 – 50 ft heavy duty power extension cord
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CRB Counter Rotating Brush Carpet Cleaning Machine