CleanMaster Pro20 CRB

Type : Low Moisture/Dry Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaning Machine

Suitable For : Larger homes, showrooms, open areas, commercial jobs

If the area to be cleaned is unobstructed, then the 20 inch wide TM5 is economical and highly efficient as the increased width helps you clean more area much faster.

Weight 61.62 lbs
Height 42.52 in.
Motor 1 hp
Power 750 Watts 110/220 volt
Rotation 380 rpm


  • 1 set Renovators (Extractors) – front and Back
  • 1 set brush splash guards – front and back
  • 1 set of standard (medium) 20″ Grey Brushes
  • 1 – Transport Trolly
  • 1 – 50 ft heavy duty power extension cord
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CleanMaster Pro20 CRB with Renovators and Splash Guards