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Past research had proved that carpet cleaning is one of the top ten businesses to get into. Many successful businessmen and entrepreneur magazines have also declared that carpet cleaning is the most profitable business to startup. Thinking of starting your own business? And looking for the best carpet cleaning business startup package? Then you have landed in the right place.

A carpet cleaning business can be run by people combining other cleaning services like tile and grout cleaning, rug cleaning, hardwood floor care business, and many more. Also, carpet cleaning is known as a recession-proof business. You can get the highest return on investment while starting up your own carpet cleaning business.

What It Takes To Startup a Carpet Cleaning Business?

Research is king! Explore Google to buy the powerful Counter Rotating Brush Machines i.e. a professional carpet cleaner. It is the first thing which requires only 5% of the investment and the other 95% is your profit margin. Using these powerful cleaning machines you can also eliminate the problem of drying.

Starting a carpet cleaning business is not enough as it requires a perfect marketing strategy to grow the business and gain targeted audiences. This is because 95% of the audience visits your business website before hiring any equipment or cleaning services. Here all you need is the online marketing service – an important part required in your start-up business.

The company which helps you in promoting your carpet cleaning business at the top of Google search engine results is none other than CleanMaster Systems™. We can help you with all the relevant information, support, and resources required to grow your carpet cleaning business.

Carpet Cleaning Business Startup Packages That Increase Leads

We, at CleanMaster Systems, have come up with three categories of carpet cleaning startup packages including:-

  • Basic startup Package ($7,995)

Want to start a carpet cleaning business with the lowest investment possible? Then this package is the best for you. The package covers your selected cleaning equipment, marketing assets and other cleaning products. This stuff will be enough to complete up to 60 carpet cleaning jobs i.e. approximately you can earn over $10k.

  • Ultimate Startup Package ($10,995)

The ultimate carpet cleaning business startup package is suitable for those who have more jobs with them and want to increase leads and sales. This package includes a list of relevant equipment, marketing strategies, and powerful cleaning products. You can fulfill carpet cleaning needs up to 100 jobs which can give you the opportunity to earn over $20k.

  • Add-A-Truck Expansion Package ($2,997)

As compared to the other two packages i.e., basic and ultimate, this package also contains equipment, marketing assets, and cleaning products. Adding a vehicle to this package makes it unique. You need to add a vacuum and a pump sprayer to expand your carpet cleaning business.

Get In Touch With Us and Grow Your Business!

From providing CleanMaster Pro™ Certification, Personal Coaching, Ongoing Support, and Marketing Assets to Exclusive discounts on future purchases, we are the company you can trust. With us, you don’t have to pay any Royalty or Franchise Fees.

For more information on our carpet cleaning business startup package, contact us at (800) 770-3138.

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