A Complete Guide On How To Start Carpet Cleaning Business in California

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A Complete Guide On How To Start Carpet Cleaning Business in California


Planning to start a cleaning business in California? But confused what would be the first step to start a carpet cleaning business in California, right? If yes we have something that can help you establish your business and run it successfully throughout California!

Establishing a cleaning business for residential or commercial in the State of California has its own rules and legal considerations. These rules and regulations comprise choosing the proper business entity, getting a license or permit, promotion, making a policy statement and contracts, getting insurance.

So before you start you must make sure you consider these important legal and financial issues. Read this article to get a piece of proper knowledge about the Things you need to start carpet cleaning business in California.

Choosing the Business Entity

Whether you are planning to operate your cleaning business as a sole owner or in a partnership, you need to consider essential factors. Such as considering a legal form that protects you from legal responsibility, such as a corporation or a limited liability company. Not like other types of businesses, for eg; consultation or professional. Your cleaning task will be done in someone else area, and your employees will be engaged in a significant amount of physical activity. These facts raise the chance of injury, and damage to property by the workers— in which situation you would want the business, not you, to be responsible for any liability.

Licenses and Permits

This is one of the most important factors to be considered before you start the carpet cleaning business in California. Make sure even though you run your business as a single owner, consider getting the federal tax ID number, known formally as an Employer Identification Number (EIN). This is a very simple process and can be done online at irs.gov.

There are a few other licenses and permits which are essential; these may include:

  • A business license
  • A fire code permit
  • A hazardous materials disclosure
  • A wastewater discharge permit
  • A State EPA identification number
  • A State registration form for employers


When it comes to the cleaning business, it associates a very particular risk. Such as employees slipping and falling on the job, and inadvertent damage to, destruction of, customers’ property. These are on top of more general business risks to your own business property, such as through fire or theft.

So make sure you work out with an insurance agent who has experience in writing policies for cleaning companies. You will need general liability coverage in case of destruction or damage to your customer’s property. You will also need vehicle insurance to cover you and your employees traveling between work locations. And, finally, depending on local regulations and standards, you may need to investigate bonding for your business.


In promotions, word of mouth is the best way to get new clients, so with a new cleaning business, you need to do at least some advertising. Regardless of how you advertise, the best pieces of advice are to be clear and very careful. While explaining special discounts or saying that something is free.  If you offer something for free, make sure you are clear with the condition. You must state what those conditions are; if you offer something at a discount, it must really be cheaper than your normal price.

These were the top 4 things you need to focus on when you are planning to carpet cleaning business in California.

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